success stories

Five stories of people working through their mental health issues in hopes to inspire others to seek help and embark on their journey towards healing.

The people who can be satisfied with the small things in life are the ones who are the happiest.

Munim Chowdhury

Munim Chowdhury Music has a healing power that very few get to experience. There were times when the day started dull, afternoons seemed slow, evenings

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Withheld In 2019, when I couldn’t get admission into any desired institution it felt like that was the end of my dreams. Although no one

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Nawshaba Hridita

Nawshaba Hridita On a rainy Monsoon morning, I went to university for admission. I carried some coconut water along with the necessary paperwork since I

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Toma Alam

TOMA ALAM I’ve always felt as if there’s this invisible line between being an introvert and an extrovert. Crossing this invisible line has always been

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