In 2019, when I couldn’t get admission into any desired institution it felt like that was the end of my dreams. Although no one scolded me, I was having an eerie feeling. The pain of frustrating my parents was slowly chipping me away. I couldn’t laugh or cry anymore. My world came to a standstill. I am still trying to get through the tough time.

When I was preparing for the second chance my father got a heart attack while my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I couldn’t appear at the exam. I was caught in the storm of life.

Now, I am fine with the blessings of almighty. However, those decisions taken at the moment of frustration are still haunting me. I am repeating the same mistakes. I haven’t share it to anyone that I am not fine. I could have finished myself if I didn’t have the responsibilities of my parents. Anyway, I have learnt to bear with my life.


Music was my companion when I needed someone to talk to