Shawon Bhuiyan Topu

I learned that mental health is as important as physical health after facing the harsh reality of life. It was the time when I came to Dhaka for university admission coaching purposes after finishing my higher secondary examination. I was adamant about achieving my dream. Thus, I was dedicated and focused on my studies. But I couldn’t find my name in any result sheet as I hadn’t passed any of my exams. I was depressed and shattered after failing every exam. I couldn’t even face myself in the mirror. I hadn’t seen sunlight for a long time. I couldn’t even read aloud a phone number in fear that I might be wrong. Later my parents suggested I see a doctor. It was a long process, and after many sessions, I was becoming normal again. The journey wasn’t easy at all, but I found myself again. I started to believe that life doesn’t end if I fail to achieve something. I realised that I was unique. So I began to find my mistakes, worked on them, and finally, I was able to get admission to a public university.


Anyway, I have learnt to bear with my life.