I’ve always felt as if there’s this invisible line between being an introvert and an extrovert. Crossing this invisible line has always been a struggle for me, as in general, I am a very quiet person. I inherited this part of my personality from my mother.

As a result, I am rarely able to open up about my mental struggles with anyone. Only when someone approaches me to talk about these things can I openly confide my problem to them.

My husband was one of these people. After nine years together, we ended up getting married. In total, we spent over 12 years together, living in Bangladesh and overseas. It was after these 12 and a half years that I lost my life partner to cancer.

After his passing, I feel like I have nothing. Even after nine long months without him, I still cannot come to terms with losing him from my life. Rarely had a moment gone by when we were not talking to each other. Even during arguments, we would rarely stop talking to each other for more than a few days. Yet, I now have to sleep in this house all alone, with nothing but the lights to comfort me.

Writing has always been a challenge for me. Whenever I sit down to write, my entire life flashes before my eyes. But I still sit down to write whatever is on my mind, and, every time, I see the clouds in the sky start to stir.

I think the people who can be satisfied with the small things in life are the ones who are the happiest. That’s why I’ve also started to do small things every now and then to manage my mental health.

Whether it’s going to my favourite coffee shop or buying a bunch of flowers when I’m stuck in traffic, or sometimes something as simple as walking through a familiar street wearing my favourite saree, are all it takes to give me some joy.

I try and do these little things to keep myself happy. To better understand my own mental state and take care of my own mental health. Because, after all, if the mind dies, then how can a person continue to live?

One of the most important things is to cherish the people who are there during your worst days. Never push these people away, and remember to be there for them when they need you. Take care of them when they are struggling, just like they took care of you.

I cherish these people with all my heart because they are my Moner Bondhu. Every time I stumble and fall, these are the people who are always there to pick me up.

I want to tell all the Moner Bondhus out there to stay by the sides of the people you care about. Because they help light up the melancholic days, and they deserve all our love.

I look for the positive side to everything