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Let’s Talk Mental Health (LTMH) is an Organisation that aims to eliminate the stigma around mental illnesses by raising awareness through Art.

We provide a confidential and safe environment for people to talk openly about issues they face mentally and things interrupting their mental space. Connecting with Sustainable development goals (SDGs) we help individuals overcome their struggles by spreading love and positivity, and also directing them towards professional help as per need.This is a privilege that over 1.2 million people have directly benefited through our campaigns on social media and in the field around the world.

Our goal is to attain a generation that is full of compassion, empathy, mental wellness and productivity.


1st November 2018
By Anusha Chowdhury and Sankhulani Daka


Our team focuses on helping people to cope with their mental illness through webinars, workshops and training. Lining up with renowned professionals to guide, empower and to help recover individuals and making them stronger than ever.

Peer Support

Extending aid through our support group which involves people who are struggling with mental health conditions similar to each other and helping each other out on the path of recovery.


Extending aid through our support group which involves people who are struggling with mental health conditions similar to each other and helping each other out on the path of recovery.


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Sankhulani Daka’s passion for mental health stems from his own story of struggles that
he faced from an early age which had a major impact on his mental health. He has had
a rough journey overcoming anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. The man was
bullied and called all sorts of ugly names. He is someone who understands the effects
of mental illnesses, hence he hopes to bring healing to people who have been through a
traumatic/stressful experience. Today helping other people with kindness is like a life
motto for him that he wakes up with everyday.

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LTMH has a dedicated team of expert psychologists who provide rehabilitation and advanced treatment to the patients as per the requirement and severity of their mental illness. With the help of our team more than 3500 people have successfully recovered from mental trauma and are living a normal life presently and with our Campaigns we have reached 1.2 million people. This might sound very few number of people but developing countries like ours where mental illness is considered as mental patient,this change mind set of making people aware of this is a part of revolution.We are this world to understand mental health matters. The gates of LTMH are open 24 hours for anyone who is in need of a mentor or friend or professional psychiatrist . Here at our organization, we look after the patient and guide them on their way of self-love and faithfulness. Nothing makes me happier than seeing life in the dreadful eyes of hopeless people who once came pouring their hearts out but now leaving from here to embark upon their new journey filled with hope and positivity .Pandemic has drained ou life in every possible way.Every one need mental health support here. Lets talk mental health played a vital role during this pandemic.We helped working people by different campaigns like-Work place wellness,Improve mental health wellbeing,productivity & motivation,Daily routines for mental wellbeing,Understand and empower your teams better.We impacted almost 30000+ people over social media around the world.

Sankhulani Daka

Co-founder & CEO

A Master of Science student in Clinical Counseling from the University of Zambia in collaboration with Zimbabwe Open University also practising Health Professional. Currently serving as the Southern Africa Network for Biosciences (SANBio) Youth ambassador for Zambia and a YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa Alumnus under Civic Leadership. He completed his B.Pharm Degree in 2018 from UNZA.

Anusha Chowdhury


A founder, philanthropist, public icon, entrepreneur & a mental health advocate.Her expertise covers the grounds of everything,from startups to mental health organizations. She is a woman of indomitable will with many inborn skills such as writing,dancing, painting and playing ukulele. Asides these skills, She have intellectual achievements and the most recent is a certificate of Completion in Entrepreneurship Essentials from Harvard Business School and also a proud graduate from North South University holding a degree in Bachelors of Business Administration,major in marketing.


Mental Health is basically what’s on your mind. It is an umbrella term for your thoughts, beliefs, fears, opinions, doubts, feelings and emotions. If any of these cause any difficulty in your functional self or in your day to day life, any thought or event that’s constantly causing you discomfort, you need to talk to a close one or maybe seek for help.

Your first step should be to communicate what’s troubling you to your confidant or anybody whom you’re comfortable with. Communication is the biggest trick. It helps a lot. Moving forward, seek help from professionals as different things work for different people.

There can be multiple causes for mental illness – biological causes like inheritance & genes, life affecting events, traumas, social stress, childhood challenges or struggles, etc.